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Bloom Brothers

• American Indian Replicas

• Andean Musical Instruments

• Arrowheads

• Custom Embossed Leather

• Custom Embroidered Leather

• Dream Catchers

• Engraved Foil Prints

• Furs and Pelts

• Indiana Feather Headdresses and Accessories

• Key Chains

• Native American Replicas

• Pop Rifles

• Rabbit Feet

Novelty Candy

• Bite Me Lollipops

• Christmas Candy

• Dracula Drool

• Feather Lollipops

• Formula Sour

• Gristmill Meals and Mixes

• Hitchers ® on Twister Pops

• Lollicards

• Lollipops

• Lollisticks

• Poofy Pops

• Resticker ® Lollipops

• Rock Crystal Candy

• Shock Your Buds

• Slobber Jawbbers ®

• Swizzlers

• Tongue Lash

Bulk Candy

• Bulk Candy Flavors

• Candy Grabs

• Candy Store Mini Jars

• Canned Fancy Candies

• Custom Box Candies

• Custom Hang Tags

• Custom Printed Candy Boxes

• Custom Printed Fudge Boxes

• RCC Party Packs

• Salt Water Taffy

• Tube Candies

Earth Science Exploration

• Agate

• Andean Stone Carvings

• Collector Rocks

• Crack Open Geodes

• Cracked Open Geodes

• Crystal Grow Experiment Kits

• Fool's Gold

• Fossil Cystoid Geode Halves

• Gem Mining Rough

• Gem Mining Sluice

• Gemstone

• Magnet Stones by the Bagful

• Magnet Tins for Fidgety Executives

• Miner Helmets

• Minerals & Fossils

• Onyx

• Ore Cart Display

• Ornaments

• Polished Agate Geode Showpiece

• Replica Bear Claws

• Seashells

• Selenite on LED Light Stands

• Tea Light Holders

• Lamps

Souvenir, Plush, & Candle

• 100% Soybean Wax Candles

• Andean Pottery

• Be A Pirate

• Custom Full Color Puzzles

• Custom Souvenir Mini Posters

• Custom Souvenir Picture Boxes

• Custom Souvenir Picture Postcards

• Custom Souvenir Restickers

• Finger Puppet Friends

• Handmade Soap & Mineral Bath

• Hitchers ®


• Stuffed Animals

• Throw Me Friends

• Wild Animal Pencil Displays

• Wood Trays and Baskets


• Agate Arrowhead Necklaces

• Bear Claw Necklaces

• Blue Onyx Druse Necklaces

• Bracelet Poles

• Free Custom Hang Tags

• Gemstone Pendants Tree Display

• Hand Chipped Agate Necklaces

• It’s Hemp Day

• Make Your Own Necklaces Display

• Mood Jewelry

• Replica Necklaces

• Shoshone Silver Jewelry

• Solid Sterling Silver Pendants

• String-Alongs

• Totem Jewelry

• Window Displays

Hand Carved Wood

• Back Scratchers

• Bookmarks

• Bow and Arrows

• Hiking Sticks

• Ink Pens

• Jump Ropes

• Necklaces

• Pencil Displays & Accessories

• Refrigerator Magnets

• Rubber Band Guns

• Slingshots

• Walking Canes

• Wind Chimes


• Agate Slice Coaster Sets

• Custom Winery Jigsaw Puzzles

• Custom Winery Mini Posters

• Custom Winery Postcards

• Custom Winery Restickers ®

• Gemstone Wine Bottle Stoppers

• Grapevine Jewelry Display

• Winery SOOBUBS™ Bracelets

• Winery SOOBUBS™ Keyrings

• Winery SOOBUBS™ Necklaces

• Winery SOOBUBS™ Magnets

• Winery SOOBUBS™ Jumbo Magnets

Our Products

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Bloom Brothers

Squire Boone Village works hard to come up with innovative, dynamic, attention getting displays that send our products zooming out of the store. All our displays are sold at cost and include FREE merchandise that pays for the display when sold at suggested retail.

Thousands of stores that use Squire Boone Village as one of their key suppliers have figured out that if they carry enough Squire Boone Village lines in their store that it is easy to make sure every order they place with us is a minimum of $1200 so they always qualify for FREE SHIPPING. They are saving a TON of money that goes straight to their bottom line.

Making Rock Crystal Candy is not an easy task which explains why there is only us and one other company in the United States still making it today. At the turn of the century there were hundreds of small candy making shops in the country and they all made rock candy. As the years passed, one by one candy makers quit making rock candy as they figured out how to make other candies that were easier.

One of our claims to fame is that we are printing experts and have our own in-house printing department. We operate our own full color presses, pad printers, hot stamping machines and full graphic department. We are able to produce custom printed products with very low minimum order quantities which make small guys look like big guys.

We can provide FREE custom full process color hang tags for candy, jewelry and many other products with just a $500 minimum order.

We print custom, full-color photographic quality Restickers for Lollipops that stick over and over on any clean surface making them a collectible souvenir. There are nominal one-time plate charges, but there are no plate charges for reorders.

We also name drop, personalize, private label, imprint, and emboss HUNDREDS of products with your name and logo for a low $300 minimum order. Any products that use the same printing plate and printing process can be combined to meet the $300 minimum order quantity.

Review Our Product Lines

Bloom Brothers

Squire Boone Village Bloom Brothers In 2007 Squire Boone Village acquired Bloom Brothers and its remaining inventory, adding a wonderful line of Indian Replicas to the already vast product list.

  • Native American/Indian Replicas
  • Dream Catchers
  • Coonskin Caps
  • Rabbit Furs/Pelts
  • Pencil Climbers
  • Pop Rifles
  • Engraved Foil Prints, Custom Imprint
  • Train Whistles
  • Shoshone Silver Jewelry
  • Corn Cob Pipes
  • Indian Flutes
  • Feather Headdresses
  • Bow and Arrow Sets

Novelty Candy

Squire Boone Village Candy Squire Boone Village is a manufacturer of nostalgic and "fun for kids" candies, including old fashioned Rock Crystal Candy which we have been making in Southern Indiana since 1983. All our Candies are gluten free.

  • Rock Crystal Candy
  • Feather Lollipops
  • Resticker Lollipops
  • Candy Store Indian Display
  • Shock Your Buds Test Tube Candy
  • Hitchers
  • Gummy Kabob Candy
  • Lollisticks
  • Barber Pole Candy
  • Miner's Gold Nugget Gum
  • Lollistraws
  • Swizzlers

Bulk Candy

Squire Boone Village Candy Squire Boone Village is a wholesale packager of Bulk Candy. We have over 60 different Candies that can be packaged in 11 different ways. All our Candies are gluten free.

  • Custom Hang Tags
  • Fancy Jars
  • Tubes
  • Resticker Jars
  • One Color Party Packs
  • Rock Crystal Candy Gems
  • 39 Different Gummy Candy Shapes
  • 6 Different Candy Corn Flavors
  • After Dinner Mints
  • Sweetarts

Carved Wood

Squire Boone Village Carved Wood Squre Boone Village purchases hand-carved and hand-painted original pieces made from Catalpa and Pine woods; providing a livelihood for more than 500 carvers, artists and their families in a small village in the northern part of China.

  • Sling Shots
  • Hiking Sticks
  • Ink Pens
  • Rubber Band Guns
  • Walking Canes
  • Back Scratchers
  • Wind Chimes
  • Chess Boards and Pieces

Souvenir, Plush, & Candle

Squire Boone Village Souvenir, Plush, & CandleSquire Boone Village provides a wonderful line of products for the average souvenir shop. Gifts ranging from the majestic to the quirky; we have something for everyone.

  • Ponder Stones
  • Bonsai Gemstone Tree of Life
  • Andean Wind Flutes
  • Wild Animal Pencil Sharpeners
  • Animal Cast Sculptures
  • Throw Me Friends
  • Terra Lights and Terra Lamps

Earth Science Exploration

Squire Boone Village Earth Science Exploration Squire Boone Village is still very proud of its roots, teaching young students about geology through developing products that get them interested in learning more about rocks, minerals, crystals and fossils.

  • Miner Helmets
  • Magnet Stones by the Bagful
  • Super Gemstone Mix by the Bagful
  • Crack Open Geodes
  • Replica Bear Claws
  • Collector Rocks
  • Rock Candy Crystal Growing Experiment


Squire Boone Village Jewelry The transition from Earth Science products to Jewelry was a natural one since most items of adornment are made from gems, minerals, crystals and precious metals found in the Earth.

  • Free custom hang tags program
  • Gemstone Pendants
  • Bear Claw Necklaces
  • Shoshone Silver Jewelry
  • Agate Arrowhead Necklaces
  • Mood Rings
  • Blue Onyx Druse Necklaces