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Bloom Brothers

Bloom Brothers was founded in 1906! It was one of the very first souvenir wholesalers in the country and started out selling picture post cards, pennants and Indian made items to the tourists coming to Yellowstone National Park by the thousands in the early 1900s.

Squire Boone Village rescued Bloom Brothers from bankruptcy in 2008 and we are happy to have been able to preserve this national treasure that has been such a part of the growth of the souvenir and tourism industry in the United States.

Bloom Brothers is known for its name dropped leather line of purses, wallets, pokes and pouches, Coonskin Caps with custom embossed leather patch and Native American replica souvenirs such as dream catchers, bow and arrows and Indian Feather headdresses.

Most Popular Items:

• American Indian Replicas

• Andean Musical Instruments

• Andean Pottery

• Arrowheads

• Custom Embossed Leather

• Custom Embroidered Leather

• Dream Catchers

• Engraved Foil Prints

• Furs and Pelts

• Indiana Feather Headdresses and Accessories

• Key Chains

• Native American Replicas

• Pop Rifles

• Rabbit Feet

Bloom Brothers