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Novelty Candy

Squire Boone Village is a manufacturer of nostalgic and “fun for kids” candies. When you buy from Squire Boone Village, you are buying direct from the source. Candies, such as lollipops, candy canes, gummy bears, gum drops, licorice twist and sour balls are free of fat and cholesterol free, making them a healthier treat than many people realize.

We are one of two manufacturers in the country of old fashioned Rock Crystal Candy and have been making rock candy in southern Indiana since 1983.

We are also famous for our hand made old fashioned Lollipops. We make Lollipops in a huge number of shapes and sizes ranging from Teeny size at just under half an ounce to a gigantic THREE POUND Lollipop. We make Lollipops in the shape of twisters, corkscrews, paddles, Christmas trees, hearts, flowers, stars, and FEATHERS! In fact our feather pop is so unique that we were awarded a patent for it this year. Retailers sell them as turkey feathers, parrot feathers, puffin feathers, and Indian Headdress feathers.

We can provide FREE custom full process color hang tags for candy, jewelry and many other products with just a $500 minimum order.

We print custom, full-color photographic quality Restickers for Lollipops that stick over and over on any clean surface making them a collectible souvenir. There are nominal one-time plate charges, but there are no plate charges for reorders.

All our candy is naturally gluten free.

Most Popular Items:

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• Candy Sucks

• Christmas Candy

• Dracula Drool

• Feather Lollipops

• Formula Sour

• Gristmill Meals and Mixes

• Hitchers ® on Twister Pops

• Lollicards

• Lollipops

• Lollisticks

• Poofy Pops

• Resticker ® Lollipops

• Rock Crystal Candy

• Shock Your Buds

• Slobber Jawbbers ®

Sugar Candy Art

• Swizzlers

• Tongue Lash

Bloom Brothers