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Slobber Jawbbers®

Slobber Jawbbers® jawbreakers will keep even the most slobbering mouths satisfied! The Slobber Jawbbers® comes in a 1 ¾” or 2 ¼” size with eight different layers that will satisfy any Slobber Jawbbers ® Adcraving and fuel the sweetest of teeth with the surprise of each newly flavored layer. The multi-layered Slobber Jawbbers® will keep each sweet-seeking customer satisfied for hours to come with a bonus reward of a candy or gumball center.

Slobber Jawbbers® come in a variety of six vibrant colors:

  • Candy Red
  • Deep blue
  • Lime green
  • Speckled white
  • Royal Purple
  • Cotton Candy Pink

Not only do the Slobber Jawbbers® draw the eye, but they are packaged in a variety of beautiful displays to make them easy to grab off the counter. (Note: All merchandising display deals come with free goods to offset cost of display when sold at suggested SRP)


  • Disposable display boxes
  • Rainbow Counter Display
  • Counter Wood Display
  • Floor Wood Display

Children will be drawn to the bright shells and candy centers, and parents will be drawn to the nostalgic feeling of enjoying a jawbreaker. Customers will feel wholly satisfied when their purchase lasts long after they leave the store! Order yours now and watch customers be drawn to the brightly colored, long-lasting Slobber Jawbbers®!

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Bulk Slobber Jawbbers®

Bulk Slobber Jawbbers® are available in a variety of customizable private labeling packaging for a low, one-time art cost! Bulk Slobber Jawbbers® maintain the eye catching colors and long lasting flavor as a smaller (1” wide), portable jawbreaker. They are available to purchase in a variety of packaging to fill any merchandising needs.

Packaging styles:

  • Candy grab bags
  • Large tubes for the one the go customer
  • Wide bags with custom hangtags
  • Customizable boxes
  • Large cases
Slobber Jawbbers ®

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