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Hand Carved Wood

In the northern most region of China near Mongolia is a city where generations of wood carvers have passed their trade down to their children. Over 500 skilled wood carvers ply their trade everyday to provide food and clothing for their families. Because these carvers’ work is so amazing and realistic, the demand for their carvings in the USA has grown so greatly that Squire Boone Village is able to take delivery of over 60% of every piece these carvers can make. The rest of their carvings go to Europe and Japan.

To give you an idea of how tedious the wood carving work is, one worker is able to carve only 12 of these ink pens a day. Another worker that is artistic hand paints the finished carving.

The wood used to carve is called Palownia which is known in the USA as the Catalpa Tree. It is a lightweight, soft wood perfect for carving and strong enough to be durable.

Hiking Sticks, Sling Shots, Pens, Masks, Museum Quality Pieces, Bookmarks, and Picture Frames are just some of the wood items the carvers make for Squire Boone Village. The carvers appreciate very much each carving we buy from them.

Squre Boone Village purchases hand-carved and hand-paintd original pieces made from Catalpa and Pine woods; providing a livelihood for more than 500 carvers, artists and their families in a small village in the northern part of China.

Most Popular Items:

• Back Scratchers

• Bookmarks

• Bow and Arrows

• Hiking Sticks

• Ink Pens

• Necklaces

• Pencil Displays & Accessories

• Refrigerator Magnets

• Rubber Band Guns

• Slingshots

• Walking Canes

• Wind Chimes