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The transition from Earth Science products to Jewelry was a natural one since most items of adornment are made from gems, minerals, crystals and precious metals found in the Earth.

We can provide FREE custom full process color hang tags for candy, jewelry and many other products with just a $500 minimum order.

Squire Boone Village’s best selling jewelry is called “Make Your Own Necklace”. It’s been around for years, but continues to grow in sales every year. Once a store starts selling “Make Your Own Necklace” and invests in a display, it stays in the store forever because the necklaces just retail that well and at a three times or more markup! Squire Boone Village helps retailers make products in their stores interactive by innovating products and displays that allow customers to do something in a store besides just pick something out to buy. By allowing your customers to make their own creation you are not just selling a piece of jewelry, but selling entertainment.

The fastest growing segment of Squire Boone Jewelry Division is replica jewelry made from casts of the real thing: Bear Claws, Bear Fangs, Wolf Claws, Wolf Fangs, Alligator Teeth, Fossil Raptor Claws, Eagle Skulls, scale replica of a T Rex Skull, and African Lion Fangs.

The newest devidion of Squire Boone Villages Jewelry line are Gem Stone Pendants in both Silver and Gold finishes. These gemstones drilled through the sides can easily sell in boutiques and art fairs for triple their cost.

Most Popular Items:

• Agate Arrowhead Necklaces

• Bear Claw Necklaces

• Blue Onyx Druse Necklaces

• Bracelet Poles

• Design Your Own Necklaces Display

• Free Custom Hang Tags

• Gemstone Pendants Tree Display

• Hand Chipped Agate Necklaces

• It’s Hemp Day

• Make Your Own Necklaces Display

• Mood Jewelry

• Replica Necklaces

• Shoshone Silver Jewelry

• Solid Sterling Silver Pendants

• String-Alongs

• Terra Gems

• Totem Jewelry

• Window Displays