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Custom Souvenir Picture Postcards

Custom Souvenir Picture Postcards Ad
Nothing says souvenir like postcards! Squire Boone Village’s new Custom Picture Postcards are now available to order, complete with a new, high-quality merchandising display.

Squire Boone is bringing back the REAL Souvenir Picture Postcard from days gone by; and, with nostalgia now ringing the cash register, you are going to want to add these to your inventory list.

  • Heavy card stock
  • Clear-coat finish
  • Incredible photographic, full-color printing
  • Scalloped edging
  • Ghost image logo on the writing side
  • Description of the attraction or photo on the color side

Made in the USA! 100% of design, printing, finishing, packing and shipping is completed at Squire Boone Village’s headquarters in southern Indiana.

Order detail:

  • 8 unique picture postcards designs
  • Minimum Order Quantity of only 256 cards each (overall MOQ is 8x256 = 2048)
  • FREE postcards to off-set price of display

You will not find this much variety, with this low of an order minimum at this price for such high quality postcards. It’s just not going to happen! These are the postcards you look at 20 years from now and remember a family vacation or event from your past. They are impactful and they are going to fly out of your store!

What you need to complete a postcard order:

  • 8 high quality photographs (you can use less, but variety is important to carry a line of postcards).
  • Business logo
  • Up to 40 word description of the photo to be printed on the back side
    • The descriptions can be different for each card and can describe the picture on the front.
    • Copy needs to edited and proofed. We won’t edit copy after it is submitted, but we will send a proof to approve by email before we go to press.

If the idea of finding 8 great photos to start off with is a little daunting, rest assured! With the technology of today’s smart phones, high quality photos can be taken very easily. You just have to make sure your phone’s camera settings are at the highest resolution and frame your shot. Here are some smart phone photography tips for composing your photos and using the right settings on your smart phone. Remember, the more unique, the better. Your customers will be looking for something they’ve never seen before and our more interesting and stand-out postcards will sell the best.

Picture Postcards sell and they reorder for life – order yours now to have in time for the beginning of summer!

Custom Souvenir Picture Postcards Ad