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Souvenir, Gift, & Candles

Squire Boone Village provides a wonderful line of products for the average souvenir shop. Gifts ranging from the magestic to the qurky; we have something for everyone.

Squire Boone Village presents 100% soybean wax candles. These candles are petroleum free, made in the U.S.A. from soybeans grown by farmers in America's Midwest, then handcrafted and poured at Squire Boone Village in Southern Indiana. Made with 100% Cotton Wick or 100% Wood Wicks, no metal in the center of the wick. The fragrances have been developed exclusively for Squire Boone Village using our own, highly fragranced, proprietary formulations.

Squire Boone Village Gift Division has one line that is ALL ABOUT PENCILS. What is one of the first things a kid needs to remember to take with him to school? Pencils.
Pencil Climbers: original animal sculptures molded to climb up a pencil. A custom imprint on the pencil turns it into a souvenir. Pencil Sharpeners: in the shape a 60 different animals. Pencil Toppers: animal shapes carved from wood in realistic detail that fit on the eraser end of a pencil. Fast selling, low retail, strong markup.

Most Popular Items:

• 100% Soybean Wax Candles

• Be A Pirate

• Custom Full Color Puzzles

• Custom Souvenir Mini Posters

• Custom Souvenir Picture Boxes

• Custom Souvenir Picture Postcards

• Custom Souvenir Restickers

• Finger Puppet Friends

• Handmade Soap & Mineral Bath

• Hitchers ®

• Key Chains with Custom Hangtags


• Stuffed Animals

• Throw Me Friends

• Wild Animal Pencil Displays

• Wood Trays and Baskets